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SEA Consult provides a full range of design services, to bring projects from the conceptual stage through to complete drawings and documents for construction bidding. We work closely with our clients to ensure all requirements are met in the most cost-effective manner.

Typical stages of design development include :

Schematic (conceptual) design
Preliminary design
Final design
Working drawings
Tender (bidding) documents

We also assist clients in bid evaluation and evaluation of changes during construction.

SEA Consult’s  design approach emphasizes a fully integrated  development of all project systems and
components. Evaluation of options and development of selected approaches incorporates the following innovative concepts :

Functional design
Constructability analysis
Value engineering
Life-cycle cost

SEA Consult offers comprehensive design services on its own and is also experienced in working as part of a design team. For example, we work effectively and efficiently with architects selected by our clients.

SEA-Consult’s design specialties include :

Engineering Surveys, including topographic, photographic, and digital mapping
Project cost planning
Buildings, including factories, office buildings, hospitals, sports facilities, and residential accom-
Industrial and Commercial Developments, including access roads and parking, site utilities,
   landscaping, and related buildings
Transportation Infrastructure, including roads, bridges, expressways, and rail systems

The SEA Consult design approach emphasizes close coordination with clients, assuring full status reporting and identification of issues requiring resolution. The firm specializes in providing carefully tailored management information, including three-dimensional computerized renderings and computer animation for presentations.

Special expertise is provided in structural, pavement, and mechanical/electrical design.

SEA Consult utilizes state-of-the-art computer hardware and software in support of its design services optimizing client services and cost-effectiveness.