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SEA Consult provides full management and supervision services during project construction, ranging from overall management, including schedule budget controls and cost management to on-site inspectionservices. Assurance is provided to clients that all provisions of the construction contract documents are met by contractors.

The SEA Consult approach to construction services emphasizes both contract administration, assuring that all job requirements are met in a timely manner, and on-site inspection, assuring the project’s technical requirements stated in the drawings and technical specifications are met.

Construction services provided include :

Construction management :
   - Construction contract administration
   - Management information systems
   - Schedule and budget controls and monitoring
   - Regulatory requirements
   - Bonding and insurance requirements
   - Client/contractor/designer coordination
   - Documentation controls
Construction supervision/inspection :
   - Technical inspection
   - Materials testing/laboratory services
   - Quality control/quality assurance
   - Job site management/coordination
   - Claims and changes processing/management

SEA Consult’s broad international experience with large-scale construction projects, brings assurance of project efficiency and protection of client interests during construction.

The firm has an extensive record of bringing construction projects to completion within budget and schedule parameters, while assuring complete client satisfaction with the finished project.