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SEA Consult offers its clients the service of complete program management, from project inception to completion. This service is of particular value to clients without in-house technical expertise. This program management service can be provided either in combination with the engineering services described above, or as a separate technical service.

SEA Consult’s international standard of excellence provides assurance to clients that their project requirements will be met in a cost-effective and timely manner.

As program managers, SEA Consult brings its international management and technical expertise to the client’s project development effort. From project inception, SEA Consult assumes overall management responsibility, establishing program scope, schedule, and budget guidelines in coordination with the client.

The firm’s sophisticated Management Information System (MIS) keeps the client fully up-to-date on project status and facilitates coordination between all relevant parties, including planners, designers, and contractors. Information specially tailored to meet client needs is also provided to inform financiers, future tenants and / or users, and public officials.

Program management services include :

Program schedule and budget monitoring system
Management Information System
Coordination between project parties
Technical advice during project implementation
Special assistance in communication and coordination with outside parties